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For each area of my basement finishing projects I’ve created some start-to-finish posts.  Each of these posts lay out the steps I took in each specific area and how they ended up.  Hopefully these offer some basement design ideas of your own, but also show you what you can get done when you put your mind to it!
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basement remodel challenges

In my step-by-step guide for finishing a basement, I came across one big challenge during each step of my basement finishing guide that I’m going to highlight in one post each.  Hopefully by reading these you’ll be able to overcome some challenges of your own while finishing your basement, but you’ll be able to avoid the big mistakes I made.

  1. Find some inspiration
    My big challenge: The home theater
  2. Design and plan your basement
    My big challenge: Making decisions
  3. Permits and inspections
    My big challenge: Not asking the right questions Read on »