Drywalling Your Basement


Searching for how to drywall your basement?  You’ve come to the right place.  I must admit, I’m choosing not to endure the learning curve that comes with mudding and taping, but I did research it extensively beforehand and have posted a few of the greatest how to mud and tape videos I’ve found.

There are two steps in this process:

  1. Hanging the drywall
  2. Mudding and taping the drywall

The one place I’m deciding to splurge and hire a contractor – on the advice of a few very experienced home builders – is the hanging, mudding, and taping of drywall for my basement walls.  In my research it seemed to be one of the most technical portions of finishing the basement.  In the advice I received, if you attempt to mud and tape on your own and don’t succeed in picking it up quickly, it WILL be visible in the finished product.  This bothered me, and to be honest it may help you justify the cost to your wife.

My basement is decent-size, just under 1,000 square feet and I ended up spending $3,700 on a contractor to hang drywall, mud, tape, and texture the basement.

Of course if you want to do it all yourself, and if I had the time and patience I probably would, I have a dedicated page to mudding and taping your basement with some of the best resources I found in all of my research.

Any questions or comments? Please leave them all below. I want to hear how things are going!


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