My Biggest Challenges – Each Step

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
basement remodel challenges

In my step-by-step guide for finishing a basement, I came across one big challenge during each step of my basement finishing guide that I’m going to highlight in one post each.  Hopefully by reading these you’ll be able to overcome some challenges of your own while finishing your basement, but you’ll be able to avoid the big mistakes I made.

  1. Find some inspiration
    My big challenge: The home theater
  2. Design and plan your basement
    My big challenge: Making decisions
  3. Permits and inspections
    My big challenge: Not asking the right questions
  4. Repair and preparation
    My big challenge: Reconfiguring existing plumbing and HVAC
  5. Framing walls
    My big challenge: Warped Lumber
  6. Plumbing and bathroom prep
    My big challenge: Plumbing the shower
  7. Electrical wiring
    My big challenge: Home theater planning
  8. Drywall
    My big challenge: TBD
  9. Finish woodwork
    My big challenge: TBD
  10. Painting, staining, and flooring
    My big challenge: TBD
  11. Finalize your space
    My big challenge: TBD

Although I’m not completely finished with the project yet, I’m really hoping that the basement finishing challenges I came across can be easily avoided by you.  The great part about your project is that you have a huge head start compared to when I began.  I knew very little about getting my basement remodel going, but you’ve got a great starting point.

If you’ve come across any similar challenges or just have questions before getting started, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.




  1. DAve says:


    Why no kids play area?!

    1. Tony says:

      Hey Dave!

      You know I would have loved a kids play area. To be honest they’ve got a pretty decent space upstairs in a sort of loft setup. There just wasn’t enough room and I was being selfish and thinking more about myself than the kids when I finished the basement 🙂 Hey I was the one doing the work right?!?

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