Before and After – The Basement Workout Space

Thursday, August 2, 2012

For each area of my basement finishing projects I’ve created some start-to-finish posts.  Each of these posts lay out the steps I took in each specific area and how they ended up.  Hopefully these offer some basement design ideas of your own, but also show you what you can get done when you put your mind to it!

The basement workout room is completely finished, and talk about benefits of working out in a cool basement! Sometimes I come down to the basement just to hang out in the summer, it’s like free air conditioning!

The workout room turned out just fine, and I’m happy with the space. We really just needed some room to keep our workout equipment and this became the best place to keep it, hence the basement workout room. My favorite feature of this room is the PVC pipe that runs behind the drywall to house all the cables that run in between the TV and the cabinet. It gives it such a clean finish, I highly recommend spending the 30 extra minutes this will take you to assemble.

I hope these basement workout space pictures help inspire your DIY basement remodel, as always please comment with any questions!




  1. Mike says:

    Hey Tony,

    When it came to framing over the insulation by the stair well, did the dry wall for the stairs go all the way to the corner? or did it stop at the stairs? Also if it stopped at the stairs, was there blanket insulation and how did you get it flush with the stairs on top the blanket insulation? (Did you bascially just cut the insulation where the 2x4s compressed it?


    1. Tony says:

      Hey Mike,

      When framing that section I actually took all the blanket insulation down between the stairs and the foundation wall. I then framed with 2X3’s that fit in that space perfectly, cut the blanket insulation, and hung it back in place between the studs. Basically the same as cutting the insulation but instead of leaving it up I took it all down before framing.

      As for the drywall I’m not sure I understand your question. The 2X3’s that I used didn’t allow enough space for the drywall between my framed wall and the stairs so they had to cut the drywall to fit the stairs going down. In the finished picture you can see I used baseboard to finish it off going down the right side of the stairs. Let me know if that answers your question and if there’s anything else I can help answer.

      Thanks Mike and good luck!

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